Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day, another issue, another rant

'Kids' are baby goats. Fur grows on animals, and on some male humans. I like fur when it's on the creature that grew it. Dead fur creeps me out, but I would never stand in your way if you wish to own dead, dull, icky things. I might point and laugh, though.

"Fur-kids." Gag me. The hair {not fur!} on the back of my neck stands up every time I read, or hear, this doG-awful term. What the hell is a fur kid? Is it a human infant that must be shaved to find it's mouth? Because that's what *I* think of when I hear 'fur kid'. {Yes, I'm an odd little ducky, let's move on, shall we?} . Maybe it's a term meant for.... I'm reaching here... cashmere and angora goats? Well, they don't have fur, they have HAIR. Please believe me, I've known many, many members of the goat family up close and personal. Lovely, lovely creatures. All of them have hair.

Today, while reading a working line GSD forum, a woman that I know to compete in Schutzhund {a working dog event that has 3 phases: obedience, protection, tracking} referred to her serious, working line GSDs as 'fur-kids'. At first I gasped, as I'm familiar with her rep as a serious trainer of serious working dogs. FURKID????? REALLY??? Then I shook my head in disbelief. All this guardian/caretaker/fur-kid crap is percolating into serious dog circles. If this doesn't frighten you, you're not paying attention.
I am not, not, NOT the freakin' guardian of 'furkids'! I OWN DOGS. I love and adore dogs. Dogs have been my friends my entire life. I've been protected several times by dogs, for which I'm very grateful. The word 'dog' is very special to me, I have no need or desire to describe them as anything _but a dog.
What does the word 'dog' mean to you? Something stinky? Non-stop barking? A pain in your behindermost bits? Even more work for you to do? Shedding? Annoyance? Money pit? Something to occupy the kids?
A dog is the most loyal of creatures, always there with a wag of the tail, so forgiving of human frailities. Honest. Dependable. You can always count on a dog to be himself, day in, day out.... one of their finest qualities in my opinion.
When you bring home a dog, and especially when you put a collar and leash on him, you enter into a covenant.. One that says you will be patient, kind, and understanding. That you'll provide for ALL of his needs... training, exercise, medical care, quality food, clean water, fun and games, shelter, love and affection. A safe and comfy place to sleep. That you'll protect him should the occasion warrant. That you will love him unconditionally. And, finally, that you will be there for him at the end, humanely and gently releasing him from this life when his quality of life is low.
This, dear friends, is what good dog OWNERS do for their DOGS. I have no idea what one does with a 'fur-kid'. Dress them up as princesses? Put them in uniforms? NO! Wait! I remember!
The 'guardians' of 'fur-kids' shave their faces so they can find their mouths~! Ah, don't ya just LOVE a blog post that comes full circle?


PussDaddy said...

I have never heard of fur kids, although I have heard of fur babies.


Debbie said...

And... now you've see a picture of one! ;-)

Kay Deines said...

Well said, Debbie. The only true way to protect your animals is to own them.