Friday, June 26, 2009

Teaky's surgery! Warning: graphic photos

Nicely done! Many, many thanks to Dr. Meiners and his wife.
I was so worried about this, but we couldn't have hoped for a better
outcome. We did a needle biopsy earlier, and all they got
was synovial fluid, so there was concern that a) the tendon was
involved, and b) that there wouldn't be enough skin to close well.
Now we wait until Thursday when we'll take the pressure bandage off
and see how the stitches are holding up. The pressure bandage is necessary to
keep the swelling down so the stitches don't pull out.
Finding a good horse vet isn't easy. My friend Kim uses Dr. Meiners for her
horses. I was caring for them one time when he came out to look at her older mare,
and I really like his calm, easy going demeanor. I can't say enough good
about this man.... and the horses like him!

With any luck, we'll be on the mountain in a month!

He shifted one hoof, one time during the whole procedure.
We did have to have a little chat about him expecting me
to hold his head up for him. :-)


Anonymous said...

Teaky, I'm glad you have lost a lump. Sounds like you were brave and will have many hikes ahead of you.

Mom: Wow, thanks for the picks, that is quite interesting. You must have been very brave being there for Teaky.

FishStikks said...

Oh my!

Of course I had to click on the really gross pictures to get a close up *urp* I needed to see what the lettering said, hehe.

Thanks for taking us through that!