Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you don't appreciate begging dogs...

don't feed them while you're eating!

Dogs are easier to train than husbands. *I* don't mind if they beg, and I've taught each of them a cute begging behavior. It amuses me, and I always share what I'm eating with them. Husband is mercurial... some days he doesn't mind and will feed them, the next he might want me to put them up, or put up the baby gate so he's left alone. I have no sympathy for him. Pick a path and stick to it!


PitBullLadyDesigns said...

LOL! My husband has been taught by the dogs that they need to go "OUT" every 10 min when he is home. . . needless to say, I get blamed that our well trained rally/agility dogs are so disobedient. . . *snort* hubby 's and dogs. . . not good

Anonymous said...

ha! my husband is the same way... one day something about the dogs is okay, and the next day it isn't. How can you teach a dog when you can't even make up your own mind.