Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New Pack

Awww, what a pair, eh? On the left is Kira, also known as Havoc vom Schroeder Haus RN. Probably won't be naming a dog 'havoc' again. ;-)

Mikey is on the right. I rarely take photos, other than of the items I make for my shop. However, I am sooooo certain that my Mikey is NEVER leaving here, that I took his PAL/ILP photos today.

AKC has a program where dogs that are obviously purebred can get a certificate that allows them to participate in AKC performance events, as long as they're spayed or neutered. I'm going to register him as River Camp Mikey.

My place has been known as 'river camp' to many dog people over the years.... I sometimes board performance dogs for friends. I think 'River Camp Mikey' has a nice sound to it.

I've planned to get a new pup every five years, figuring that would give me my main competition dog, one that's retired, and a new up and comer. When I was setting up Mikey's file today, I decided to get the other dog's birthdays on the calendar. I was shocked to see that Dice, our border collie, turned *7* on May 10th. I guess we've been saying she's 'five or six' for a couple of years now. :-) With Kira turning 8 on Sept. 9, and Winston turning 10 on Sept 9 {not a typo!}, Mikey has come at a good time.
Mikey stacks much better and looks nicer than the stand I caught him in, but I'm anxious to get his ILP over and done with. We're all just tickled pink with him, couldn't have found a better match. To me, the GSD is the ultimate companion. One of my friends once said "of course you love German Shepherds, you ARE a German Shepherd! Intensely loyal, honest to a fault, and not a bit afraid to use your teeth when the situation warrants.
Yep, that's me. Now, quit reading my blog, and take the dogs out. Give 'em a few scritches for from Auntie Deb.


Katofmanycolors said...

I have two German shepherds and love them. We are on our second pair. Yours are gorgeous!

Debbie said...

Thank you!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Ha... you are a German Shepard aren't you?!


Lovely pup. Kevin wants to meet him too!