Monday, April 20, 2009


There's never enough time to go around. I've been asking for 28 hour days for years, you can tell how successful *that* was.

We had a glorious day today here in Oregon... full sun, warmth, frisky horses and dogs. It's still too muddy to ride, though, since our mountain is steep, and we don't want to risk injuring the horses trying to travail long muddy slides. Soon. Soon riding will be a daily thing. Can't wait.

The above left photo is a shot of me with Sis, my girlfriend's mare, and the ears of Addi, her other mare. I must have been looking for a spot to... well, nevermind! :-) I'll just say that we usually take a few beers with us when we go up. Horses, sun, friend, mountain, beer. My idea of a perfect afternoon! The photo on the right is a view of our homestretch, coming down the mountain close to home.

Rain, rain, go away! We NEED to RIDE! YeeeeHawwww!

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Anonymous said...

So lovely to see the view... and the colors in the fall must be gorgeous!

Ride on sister!